50 Years Inspiring Excellence
Ad Club Madras is the premier industry organization for advertising professionals in Chennai and South India.

The Ad club Madras was formally founded on 7 April 1956. Though registered as ‘Club’, the Club has grown into an institution educating, entertaining and enlarging the thought process of those in the industry. It is perhaps the only Ad Club in India which has a variety of activities including sports and entertainment going beyond the usual meeting seminars, awards and conferences.


Inspired by the Kolkata Advertising Club, a group of twenty individuals from the advertising field met for tea on a pleasant Saturday evening, 18th February 1956 and there began the idea of forming The Advertising Club Madras.

Now with over 1000 members, the club has come a long way to provide social interaction between members, programmes designed to provide tomorrow's crop of professionals, recognition of professional achievement and setting new standards of excellence. The contribution of the Club is today recognised and saluted by several people and organisations in the country.


A group of business people meet regularly in Madras City to discuss the advertising business. They formed the Advertising Club Madras.